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International Winter School



JANUARY 30th – FEBRUARY 10th 2017



The city of Pisa represents one of the most important historical cities in Tuscany. As for all the river towns, Pisa owes much to its river, the Arno. It owes its strategic position between the sea, lagoons and rivers that characterized its origins, making the site particularly favourable to settlements and protected moorings. To the river and its delta, the city owes his success both as one of the most important port of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea in the Roman period, and as a Maritime Republic in the Middle Age.

Nowadays, the historical relationship of the city with its river seems to be compromised. If up the 19th century, the river represented one of the main arteries of the city, where several social and productive activities were carried out, currently for hydraulic regimentation and protection reasons, the riverbed is enclosed within walls, which de facto constitute an insurmountable physical and perceptual limit. The Winter School aims, therefore, to develop some proposals for recreating the relationship between the city and its river, focusing on:

Students, divided in working teams, will be asked to develop ideas along the Arno River under the educational and artistic guidance of Andre Dekker, senior artist of Observatorium, Rotterdam ( and artistic director of the Winter School. The methodological approach of Observatorium inspires students to draw from their own personal imagination, to use site visits and talks with local people as a basic source of knowledge and to design punctual architectural and site specific artworks, showcasing the issues at stake and telling the story of the site, instead of drawing masterplans and giving answers.



The Winter School is addressed to students in Architecture, Urban planning, Design, Building engineering, Art Schools and also to young professionals and artists from all EU and non-EU countries.
Students in Architecture, Urban planning, Building engineering are required to have completed at least one exam both in the fields of urban planning and architectural design/composition.

Course Director

Artistic and scientific director

Visiting Professors


The Winter School will have an international and multidisciplinary teaching staff, composed by architects, designers, engineers, artists. This permits to interpret the territory in a unitary way but also from different point of view, in order to offer the most complete vision of the urban matters.

Students will be assisted by a group of qualified tutors.


Scientific committee

Organizing committee

Teaching staff


The Summer School provides 80 hours articulated in open lectures, lectio magistralis, site visits and teamwork. Tutors will assist the students during the site visits, the teamwork and the laboratories.
The Summer School provides for the recognition of 6 ECTS.


650,00 Euros covering teaching materials. The fee does not include accommodation.
250,00 Euros special reduced fee for students of the University of Pisa.
Fees do not include meals and other amenities. Every participant is asked to take his own laptop and his favourite drawing materials; however, basic drawing materials will be provided.
Special reduced fees may be offered within specific agreement between the University of Pisa and other EU and non-EU Universities.


A minimum of 20 participants is required for the Winter School activation.
Participants will be selected on the basis of their academic achievement (average score in the exams, graduation score for post graduated applicants) and their suitability for the program, as indicated in personal statement and CV. In case of ex aequo, priority will be offered to foreign students, and according to the order of application.

Moreover, the selecting committee will give priority to students than to professionals.



The application form must befilled in in all its parts and sent by e-mail to together with a CV and a ID Document copy before January 9th 2017.

Download the Application form

Candidates will be notified of acceptance by January 11th 2017.

Selected participants have to pay the fees in full by January 13th 2017.


Participants are asked to pay by bank transfer to the account:

Università di Pisa
Bank Name: Banca Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Fornacette
IBAN: IT12Y0856270910000011156577
Tesoreria Unica n. 306382 CODICE ENTE 712
Causal of payment: Winter School 2017 - Admission Fees - Name and surname of the participant

A confirmation of the wire transfer (copy of the receipt) must be submitted by e-mail to within January 13th 2017.
If payment is not received within the specified deadline, University of Pisa will treat this as a rejection of its offer and the student will not be listed on the Winter School.
In case this Winter School will not be activated, the amount will be refunded.




Organizing secretary

DESTeC | University of Pisa, Largo Lucio Lazzarino 1, 56122 Pisa (PI) - Italy

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