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THE CITY AND THE WATER - International Workshop
Architecture, arts and design for the new waterfront of Marina di Pietrasanta
September 3rd  - 14th 2014


The workshop will see students and young professionals working together on the Versilia area, for a ten days-full immersion team work. Particular attention will be set to the public space, where the shared collective values of the urbs had formed. That spaces show actually a deep formal and substantial crisis of identity, to which we are called to give answers going over the traditional models.

The case study selected is the waterfront of Marina di Pietrasanta: a context with a high environmental value and a great economic potential, but actually mined by a strong social fragility.
The workshop will start from the comprehension of the historical evolution of the territory. Thanks to the several international experiences of the teaching staff, the workshop aims to define a scenery of change according to different scales, from the territorial to the architectural one.

The methodology that will be applied provides  the experimentation of the most innovative tools and the collaboration between the international guests and the local subjects: university, administrations, professionals, associations, enterprises, artists, and artisans.

The workshop will include two public meetings, important moments of exchange within participants, citizens, professionals, and local public administrations.

The objective of the workshop is to think up hypothesis for the urban regeneration of the public spaces through architecture, design and arts – as in a sort of renewed Bauhaus – in order to support their re-appropriation from a physical, social and economic point of view.


The final results of the workshop will be showed in a public exhibition, opened in San Agostino cloister from September 14th to 21th.



The workshop is oriented to students in Architecture, Urban planning, Design, Building engineering, Art Schools, and also to young professionals and artists from all EU and non EU countries. 

Students in Architecture, Urban planning, Building engineering are required to have completed at least one exam both in the fields of urban planning and architectural design/composition.


Course Director

Scientific director

Visiting Professors

Guest Artists


The workshop will have an international and multidisciplinary teaching staff, composed by architects, designers, engineers, artists and artisans. This permits to interpretate the territory in an unitary way but also from different point of view in order to offer the more complete vision of the urban matters.
Students will be assisted from a group of qualified tutors.


Scientific committee

Organizing committee

Teaching staff


The workshop provides 80 hours articulated in open lectures, lectio magistralis, site visits, teamwork and laboratories with local artists and artisans. Tutors will assist the students during the site visits, design work group and the laboratories.

The Workshop provides for the recognition of 6 ECTS.



500,00 Euros full fees: covering accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and the teaching material.
250,00 Euros reduced fees: provided for participants who do not require the accommodation and breakfasts.
Fees are the same for Italian, EU and international students. Fees do not include living expenses.
Every participant is asked to take his own pc and his preferred drawing materials. However basic drawing materials will be provided.



A minimum of 20 participants are required for the workshop activation.
Participants will be selected on the basis of their academic achievement (average score in the exams, graduation score for post graduated applicants) and their suitability for the program, as indicated in personal statement and CV. In case of ex aequo, priority will be offered at foreign students, and according to the order of application.
Moreover, the selecting committee will give priority to students than to young professionals and, among them, to the younger ones.



The application form must be compiled in all its parts and sent by e-mail to
together with a CV and a ID Document copy before July 31th 2014.

Download the Application form

Candidates will be notified of acceptance by August 4th 2014. 
Selected participants have to pay the fees in full by August 10th 2014. 


Participants are asked to pay by bank transfer to the account:
Fondazione Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta
IBAN: IT59 H087 2670 2200 0000 0036 020
Bank Name: BCC Banca di Credito Cooperativo della Versilia Lunigiana e Garfagnana
Causal of payment: Workshop - Admission Fees - Name and Surname of the participant.

A confirmation of the wire transfer (copy of the receipt) must be submitted by e-mail to within August 10th 2014. 

If payment is not received within the timeline specified, University of Pisa will treat this as a rejection of its offer and the student will not be booked on the workshop. In case this workshop will not be activated, the amount will be refund.

Accomodation and locations

CAV Fondazione Centro Arti Visive, Via dei Frati 6, Pietrasanta (LU)
Sant’Agostino Cloister, Pietrasanta (LU)




Organizing secretary

CAV Fondazione Centro Arti Visive, Via dei Frati 6, Pietrasanta (LU)






     Universita' di Pisa

DESTeC - Master Degree
in Architectural Engineering
and Architecture

CAV – Visual Arts
Center of Pietrasanta

Municipality of