La seguente lista riguarda i dottori di ricerca a partire dal ciclo XXIX (2013).
Sotto la voce “PRESENTAZIONE” è riportata la presentazione a slides utilizzata durante la discussione del titolo.
Sotto la voce “TESI” è riportata la parte pubblica della tesi di dottorato.


PERIODO dal 01/11/2016 al 31/10/2019 - CICLO XXXII
Bai Li Energy exchange in a network of microgrids Raugi Marco
D'Ettorre Francesco Hybrid heat pump-gas boiler generators for heating applications  Testi Daniele
Frate Guido Francesco Analysis of a pumped thermal electricity storage system with the integration of low themperature heat sources Desideri Umberto
Giuliani Francesca Seismic risk management in historic centres De Falco Anna
Rocca Michele Indoor environmental quality assessment: study of innovative strategies based on the multi-criteria analysis Leccese Francesco
Urbanucci Luca Optimal design and operation of cogeneration-based distributed energy systems Testi Daniele



PERIODO dal 01/01/2015 al 31/10/2018 - CICLO XXXI
Caposciutti Gianluca Small-scale fixed-bed biomass boilers: experimental and numerical characterizationSmall-scale fixed-bed biomass boilers: experimental and numerical characterization  Desideri Umberto
Chiarello Filippo Mining Technical Knowledge Mining Technical Knowledge  Bonaccorsi Andrea
Fioriti Davide Mini-grids to foster rural electrification in developing countries. Optimal planning, design and operation Giglioli Romano
Laccone Francesco Reinforced and post-tensioned structural glass shells: Concept, morphogenesis and analysis Froli Maurizio
Lewandowska Anna   Desideri Umberto
Pozzobon Elisabetta Religious Architectural Heritage Losing its Functions Strategies to Mitigate the Problem and Provide New Value through Territorial Context Karwacka Ewa


PERIODO dal 01/10/2014 al 31/10/2017 - CICLO XXX
Farina Giulia Coordination in transportation networks: a Process-Mining-enabled methodology Pellegrini Luisa
Ferraro Pietro Analysis and Control of Multiple Microgrids Raugi Marco
Puppio Mario Lucio

Safety assessment and srtengthening of short span bridges in case of extreme rainfalls

Sassu Mauro
Saccone Giacomo   Di Marco Paolo
Zerbino Pierluigi Coordination in transportation networks: a Process-Mining-enabled methodology Dulmin Riccardo


PERIODO dal 01/10/2013 al 31/10/2016 - CICLO XXIX
Baccioli Andrea Off-Design behavior and control strategies of small scale cycles with organic fluids. Desideri Umberto
Francesconi Massimo Analysis and design of devices for medium temperature solar thermal energy conversion Desideri Umberto
Landi Stefania

Italian Grain Silos. Analysis, conservation and adaptive reuse of a modern industrial heritage

Karwacka Ewa
Masi Matteo  Electrokinetic remediation of heavy metal-contaminated marine sediments: experiments and modelling Iannelli Renato
Schito Eva Methods and tools for a rational and efficient use of energy in museum environments Grassi Walter